Monster Truck Demolisher

Monster Truck Demolisher is a great demolition game in which you have to cause destruction with the help of your huge monster truck.

At first, you can choose between two monster trucks, but if you advance further in the game, you will unlock three more cars which are much better than the first ones. The controls are simple: you just have to use the directional keys for accelerating and balancing the monster truck and hit the space bar if you want too perform a jump. If you hit any car in the scenery, it will explode and you will receive some bonus points. You can also find and destroy hydrogen tanks or even boxes if you want to increase your score. There are 24 levels in total and the goal of each round is to reach the end quickly and destroy everything in sight. The sooner you reach the finish line, the higher your bonus score. If you topple over, you need to press the space bar immediately or your health bar will drain quickly and you will have to restart the round. The terrain is pretty rough, so you will have to perform some huge jumps and balance your monster truck over suspension bridges before you reach the end of the round. Monster Truck Demolisher is all about moving fast enough to destroy every car in sight, but slow enough to keep the truck under control.

In the end, Monster Truck Demolisher is a fun destruction game and you will enjoy playing it.